Atelier Artefugium, Hauptstr. 127, 31171 Nordstemmen

© 2020 Judith C. Riemer


Judith Christine Riemer lives and works in Nordstemmen, Landkreis Hildesheim.


      1975 born in Braunschweig

until 1997 Abitur examination, architectural draftswomen

until 2001 studies of Interior Design, diploma, HAWK Hildesheim, Germany

until 2016 interior designer, parental leave


Vocational reorientation as of 2014: Restarting artistic activities and artistic youth work, owning an artstudio in Nordstemmen.


      2016 Co-founder of local art-society „Kunsthaus Nordstemmen e.V“

since 2017 full-time artist

since 2018 1. honorary chairperson in Kunsthaus Nordstemmen e.V.


Cooperations, memberships


2019 VAN Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid

2019 artsfemin, international women-artist-network

2019 Gallery ARTINNOVATION, Innsbruck-Berlin

2018 GEDOK e.V. Hanover, lower Saxony (society of femal artists and art supporters)

2018 Gallery ARTvergnuegen, art-portal Germany

2016 Kunsthaus Nordstemmen e.V., art society


Judith Christine Riemer is based in the district of Hildesheim. In Nordstemmen, where she lives with her family, she also found a home for her creative work: Drawing and painting has been one of her greatest passions since her childhood.


Born 1975 in Braunschweig, Germany, she studied Interior Design at HAWK Hildesheim, faculty design, graduated in 2001, and worked as a designer and international project-manager, developing designs and concepts for international trade fairs. In 2016 she decided to make a change and turned her attention to professional artistic work, finally following again her inner motivation to create art.


The key characteristics of her artworks are the multilayered techniques: Judith C. Riemer combines acrylic painting and monoprinting, charcoal and ink drawings, creating a harmonious interaction of both: Graphic and painting elements.

Her creations focus on the multidimensionality of human posture and expressions, describing fragile relationships of human beings and also nature – always somewhere between distance and intimacy, hesitation and risk, contacting and border violations.


Alongside Judith C. Riemers international exhibition activities and gallery collaborations, currently in Germany, Austria and Spain, she is maintaining and building her artistic networks. In 2014 she co-founded the local art association „Kunsthaus Nordstemmen e.V.“, working as honorary first chairwomen, and in addition, she is a member of GEDOK e.V. Niedersachsen / Hannover, Germany, which is the oldest european society of female artists and art supporters.


Judith C. Riemer is published in the artbook „ARTEDITION 2020“, contemporary art, Innsbruck, Austria. Some of her works are in private collection, Hildesheim, Germany.