Atelier Artefugium, Hauptstr. 127, 31171 Nordstemmen

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artist statement

"Distance and intimacy, hesitation and risk,contacting and border violations...

inside and outside in any shape."

J.C.R., 2018

The multidimensionality of human posture and human expressions, the art of playing with most complex emotions, fragile relationships of human beings and nature:

The works of Judith C. Riemer focus on these issues.


Art historian Dietrun Otten, M.A., Celle, Germany, 2018:

​"The complexity in both, the painting and drawing techniques and the possible interpretations, is one of the main characteristics of her artworks.

The other is a harmonious collaboration of graphic and pictorial Elements. (…)

These are the artworks of a sensitive observer of the invisible. They are an expression of this difficult-to-grasp "something", which has significant influences on our lives - sometimes without us actually realising it."